Re-making Space Jam: Who are the new MonStars? Day 2

PG: Brandon Jennings- He’s a young upcoming guy who is probably best described as a pro style street baller giving him the best opportunity to relate to this generation of fans.  Plus, how good would that flat top look animated?

SG: J.R. Smith-He’s not the greatest of players but he has a destructive MonStarpersonality.  He’s loud.  He’s tatted up.  He’s a natural cancer cell.  He’s a ball hog.  And he’s been George Karl’s villainous MonStar for years.

SF: Kevin Durant- If he wasn’t casted for the Jordan roll for the remake, he would have to be in it somehow.  Enter our third MonStar with a backpack.

PF: Kevin Love- We need the token white guy for the team.  He’ll rebound the heck out of the ball and hit a big three or two.  Solid pick for the blue monster from Moron Mountain

C: Dwight Howard-There is really no way you can have a MonStar team without this guy on it. The man has more personality than the other 4 guys combined and can bust out the superman cap during the insane MonStar dunk sequence.  He would be our Chuck in the remake.


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