Save Community/Bring Back FNL: A Letter


Dear any major-television decision maker willing to listen,

Hello.  You might not know who we are, but rest assured, we know you; all of you.  You are the decision makers of the select few television juggernauts that provide entertainment in each and every one of our homes.  Undoubtedly so, you are in your position of extreme decision making based on you previous work experience, work ethic, and knowledge of the industry; so please forgive us if we come off as all knowing and maybe a little excessive.


Too rash?  Let us explain.

Although we can begin with any list of shows that have been cancelled with a swift stab of a hypothetical heart, it wouldn’t be right unless we started with one particular show that we feel was wrongfully cancelled.  A show that provided the healthiest mixture of family values, drama, and comedy; all the while presenting its viewers, both young and old, with the closest look into the life of a teenage jock, nerd, teacher, coach, mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, and hillbilly.  If you are somewhat clueless (which we would guess, you are) as to what show we speak of, maybe this will provide you with a more definite answer.

You stole something from our Dillion Panther, Under Armour gloved hands… Still no recollection?  How about this? CLEAR EYES.  FULL HEARTS.  CAN’T LOSE.

‘Friday Night Lights’ should still be running (period.).

YES, we, along with many others (just ask any one of the 643,575 fans of the Friday Night Lights Facebook page [that’s not counting the multiple thousands that reside within the social walls of groups such as “Friday Night Lights Needs a season 6” and so on]) are still mad about its cancelation.

YES, Coach Taylor deserved the Emmy Award for Best Actor in Drama this year, even if it was a few years too late.

YES, Matt Saracen gave every semi-athletic dork the aspiration to nail the coach’s hot daughter.

YES, we all know someone like Tim Riggins, and YES, he is a cult hero for good reason.

YES, J.D. McCoy was the biggest prick quarterback in the history of sports movies/shows.

YES, Vince was the next collegiate Vince Young.

YES, Smash won the fictional equivalent of the Heisman.

Need we go on?  We can.

YES, Tami Taylor was and is a M.I.L.F.

YES, we all would have nailed Julie Taylor (if given the chance).

YES, we all would have nailed Lyla Garrity (if given the chance).

YES, we all would have nailed Tyra Collette (if given the chance).

YES, we all knew/were/had a best friend that was just like Landry Clarke (minus the whole murder thing).  Speaking of which…

YES we all would have attacked a chew-spitting stalker/rapist with a steel pipe to get the girl of our dreams to notice us.

YES, Mac MacGill was a racist bastard, but damn could he coach an offense and damn could he survive a heart attack.

YES, Jason Street was destined to be the next Matt Leinart had he not been paralyzed (the question of whether or not that is a good or bad thing is for you at home to decide).

And YES, Mrs. Saracen was one of the sweetest old ladies with dementia we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

That enough? You sure?

Well, being that you now hopefully understand our frustration, we have one question.  Do you mean to tell us that this show would not have succeeded in any Tuesday time slot (yes, we get the significance of playing it on Friday, but listen!)?  Currently NBC is running TWO HOURS of ‘The Biggest Loser’ before ‘Parenthood’. You’re telling me ‘Friday Night Lights’, with it’s storylines tackling racism, sexism, drug use, domestic abuse, marital woes, teenage awkwardness and political power moves wouldn’t be a great lead in to ‘Parenthood’? C’mon, I know Jeff Zucker left a dumpster fire at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, but this is ridiculous.

But, as we’ve said, you guys are the Big Wigs in charge of making these types of decisions; decisions that tear at your viewers hearts and souls.  Decisions that, frankly put, piss off those that invest so much time in becoming a background character in your shows.  Decisions that take away shows that (as dimwitted and sad as it is) people look forward to while sitting in hours of traffic on their way home from their crappy, dead end job.

This brings us to your latest blunder, boys (mainly you, Mr. Greenblatt).  Why?  Why ‘Community’?  We get that your network is struggling.  We get that you’ve continuously whiffed on several shows currently hogging airspace on NBC.  We get it, we really do.  We get that their needs to be cutbacks, especially in the world we live in right now.

But does it really cost that much to run ‘Community’?  We would venture to side on the “no” side of this debate, but I’m sure you could skew the numbers in some way to prove us wrong. And number crunching aside, you’ve kept pumping money and airtime into ‘Chuck’, for christ’s sake! ‘Chuck’! Who in God’s name watches that?

The real question here is not about money. What we want to know is where do fan appreciation, dedication, and loyalty count for anything in your world of expensive Cappuccino’s, delectable Tiramisu, and the finest Chateau Petrus wines?  Does a “cult comedy favorite” have any room among today’s ‘CSI: Miami’, ‘Las Vegas’, ‘New York’, ‘Kalamazoo’, and ‘Lexington’s’?  Does it mean anything to you as a person and business man to personally stand up for an innovative show like’ Community’?  THINK ABOUT THE KIDS! Think about what keeping shows like ‘Whitney’ on the air teaches them about quality television!

You have a diamond in the rough here.  Maybe it doesn’t fit in during a power packed Thursday night; but again, we would argue that on any other night of the week, you get your ratings. Just try it out!

If you don’t, the cancelation of ‘Community’ WILL tarnish your already declining reputation.  Write that down. Do you really want to hang your hat next to the guys that cancelled ‘Freaks and Geeks’? Do you really want your name mentioned with the idiots that took ‘Arrested Development’ off the air?

Plus, how can you decide to live in a world without Troy and Abed in the Morning?  Jeff Winger?  Chang?  The very sweet and extremely sexy, Annie Edison?  A world without the hit, “Pocket full of Hawthorne’s”?  Dean Pelton?  Apostle Shirley?

In a time where your decisions make your critics, fans, and the media cringe; stand-up for something.  Stand up for ‘Community’ and prove to us all that you all are not just a bunch of tin men.  Prove to us that you have always had heart.

Don’t “Britta” this one Mr. Greenblatt.  We beg you.


Jock Toast

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