Making the Case: Eric Gordon

Lets take a quick moment to think back to the popular shows and movies of the 90’s.  A quick walk down memory lane, back to the days of proverbial characters such as Zack Morris, Samuel “Screech” Powers, Shawn Hunter, Eric Matthews, Mike and Ben Seaver.  Remember the unlikely situations (nobody lives next to their principal, NOBODY), the clothes, the hair.  Remember the innocence.  Remember the quality.

Now that you are swelling with love for Topanga and remembering your weird crush on Clarissa (who could never seem to explain why a creepy greaseball of a boy would use a ladder to enter her house, instead of the front door), can you recall the classic scene when one of our favorite characters spends the entire episode preparing for the “It finally happened” date with that shows “Kelly Kapowski”?  Do you remember how they talked about that moment to everyone from their parents, to their schoolmates, and the suave Mr. Turner’s of the world (he is still the coolest and most unbelievable English teacher known to man)? Remember how they spoke of how well it would all turn out in the end?  How this person was the one they would be with forever?

Now remember the classic plot twist where our lovable character is sitting alone in the shows version of “Chubbies” for hours, sweating while waiting for that girl to show up; only to see her walk by the window, right before the restaurant closes; eating FroYo with the shows version of Dane Cook?  Leaving him amazed and alone, having to walk back into the world; head hung in shame, wishing he didn’t have to tell everyone he originally talked to, that he was stood up.

But, just like in every TV show of the 90’s, the writers provide us with hope right before they cut to credits.  The show was not over until our character was stopped by the “somewhat dorky, but interestingly cute girl, whom he has over looked because she hasn’t come into her body yet” character.

They eventually fall in love and the end.

That was Eric Gordon with the Clippers, and the “dorky, but interestingly cute girl who hasn’t come into her body yet” is the Hornets.

From Kevin Arnovitz of

“On Wednesday when Gordon found out he’d been dealt to the Hornets, he was on a bus with teammates Ryan Gomes, Eric Bledsoe and Willie Warren, Clippers assistant coaches Dean Demopolous and Howard Eisley, four season ticket holders and the Clippers Spirit dance team, Scott Howard-Cooper of tweeted.
After visiting patients and signing autographs at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, the group hopped back onto the bus and Gordon sat in the back with his teammates. A few minutes after leaving the hospital en route to a second stop in downtown Los Angeles, the mood quickly shifted.”

Gordon was promoting the Clippers to his hypothetical family, friends, and Mr. Turners’ of the world-the fans!  Then, without much warning (as he was under the impression that trade talks of him leaving LA were done), he was left in Chubbies, watching the Clippers (his Kelly Kapowski) walk away with CP3, happily eating Chocolate FroYo.

But, just like in the show, the Hornets were there.  The ugly, small market team; reaching out a hand to pick up the already saddened looking Gordon.  Simply waiting, arms wide open, to dust him off and ensure him that everything will be ok.

They eventually fall in love…the end. Right?

To me, everything actually might turn out “ok” for Gordon while on the Hornets; which brings me to my case: With good luck and fortune on his side and the eventual acquisition of a better offensive big man, Eric Gordon can be an actual contender for the NBA’s Scoring Champion (the only Championship the kid will most likely ever see).

If Gordon can stay healthy and continue to build on his offensive prowess from last year, this is not a farfetched idea.  Last year Gordon averaged 22.3 points per game while shooting 45% from the field and raising his three-point percentage to 36.4% (an important spike to show how Gordon has progressed as a pure shooter).

If the stats are not enough, it’s Gordon’s style of game that will hopefully drive this point home.  A lot of his scoring comes off of powerful drives to the basket; which will ultimately get him to the “Charity Stripe” as he matures, establishes himself as an All-Star type player, and eventually breaks out of his shell a bit (For the record, Gordon attempted 348-FT’s last season in 56 games; for comparisson, Kobe attempted 583 in 82-games, and we all know Kobe gets every call).  He also has a very good midrange game that is turning into an effective long-range game.  He’s an incredibly strong guard and he seems to be much quicker than given credit for (part of which may be due to playing for the Clips), having a first step that gets him in position to make any move he desires.

A 22-year old D-Wade, if you will.  Plus, he’s really the only solid offensive weapon the Hornets have.

Yes he has a problem with staying healthy, and yes there are many “what if’s” that go along with this statement; but is it that farfetched to think that he cannot raise his points per game by five measly points (Durant 27.7 ppg)?  He will get more opportunities as the offense will more than likely run through him.  More opportunities mean more looks, more looks mean more shots, more shots mean more points on the board.

Case closed.

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