Devin Hester…You are a Hall of Famer

Devin Hester was a huge a part of the Bears 37 to 13 victory against their division rival, the Detroit Lions Sunday afternoon.  Not only did Hester set up the Bears first touchdown with a long punt return, he then took Detroit’s next punt and returned it 82 yards for a touchdown.  That punt return touchdown was the 12th of his career and 17th kick/punt return touchdown overall.

As if that were not enough, Hester also has a missed field goal return for a touchdown.  He sits only one return touchdown away from Deion Sanders record of 19.  What is even more extravagant is that Hester has almost reached this milestone in only 85 games, while it took “Primetime” 188.

Oh and did I mention he is only 29 years old and having already smashed Kevin Mitchell’s kick/punt return record at that young of an age is miraculous.

What most don’t even realize is that Hester has at least another 3 to 4 years of top-notch returning left in his career and IF Hester continues on the pace he’s currently at of three return touchdowns per season, he’ll finish his career with around 30 return touchdowns.  That would be more than twice the amount of any returner in NFL history.

With those numbers, how can the true “Windy City Flyer” not be a Hall of Famer?!

If you ask his teammate and perennial all-pro linebacker Brian Urlacher, he would tell you that Hester should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

He said during a recent interview on the Waddle and Silvy show on Chicago’s ESPN 1000, “He’s the greatest of all time at what he does, and in my opinion, when you’re the greatest of all time at your position you should be in the Hall of Fame. He is a first-ballot Hall of Famer in my opinion. He’s going to have 30-something touchdown returns if people keep kicking to him. It’s a no-brainer for me. I just don’t see how people can not agree with that.”

Unfortunately Urlacher will not have a vote on whether Hester becomes enshrined in Canton, but for those that do, there is no way you can justify not voting Hester in when his time comes.  He has an unbelievable impact on every game that he plays in.  Teams have to game plan for Devin Hester.  Let me repeat that… TEAMS HAVE TO GAME PLAN FOR A RETURN MAN (go ahead and let that fester for a while).

He kills teams even when he doesn’t touch the ball.  IF you kick to him, more times than not, he will burn you.  IF you decide to kick away from him, it generally results in great field position for the Bears.  Name another player that has that affect on a team without even touching the ball?  Nobody?  Yeah, we couldn’t come up with anyone either.

If Hester is eventually voted into the Hall of Fame he would be the first return specialist to be enshrined, and it would be well deserved.  If he continues to burn teams that decide to kick to him, Bears radio announcer Jeff Joniak will have to change his memorable call to Devin Hester…you are a Hall of Famer.

See what happens when you keep Cutler upright?

The Bears got a big victory on MNF at Philadelphia, 30 to 24. This was largely due to the play of the Bears offensive line and Jay Cutler. His numbers weren’t outstanding but he did an excellent job throughout the game throwing two touchdown passes without  interceptions.  Even with the Bears receivers, manly Roy Williams,  having multiple drops and the sure handed Matt Forte fumbling twice, Chicago looked competent on offense.

If the offensive line continues to protect Cutler and create large holes for Matt Forte, the Bears will definitely be a playoff team. In the last three weeks combined, Cutler has only been sacked three times leading to a 3-0 record for the Monsters of the Midway. That is no coincidence.  When you give Jay time to throw the ball, good things will happen.

What is encouraging for the remainder of the season is the return of Earl Bennett from injury, who proved that he is in fact the best Bears wide receiver with five receptions for 95-yards and a miraculous touchdown. He continues to run great routes, which is something Jay Cutler is not used to.

Many so-called experts have ripped Jay Cutler for not being a “good guy” or a “good teammate”, but who really cares what type of person he is as long as he continues to produce when he has the opportunities? His teammates have his back and if he continues to play like he did on Monday night, hopefully the national media will start to give him the national respect he deserves.

There is no question that Jay Cutler is the best QB the Bears have ever had, and hopefully he’ll continue to grow with a young offense to bring Chicago a Super Bowl in the near future.

Dear Rex…How can we be on the bench and these bums be starting?


How bad do both of our teams look right now?  How depressing is it watching John Beck and Tim “The Second Coming” Tebow from the sidelines? 

I know Shanahan wanted Beck from the get go, and even with all of your press conferences and strong beliefs at the begining of the season he took you out.  Even though you pretty much handed the Eagles the game a couple of weeks ago with your ill-advised decisions to just keep throwing into double and triple coverage, I still think you’re better than John Freaking Beck. 

Didn’t you go to a Super Bowl?  Yes, the Bears defense pretty much carried you to Miami, and yes, you played horrible in that Superbowl, but John Beck.  Sure, you ultimately were replaced by me 4 games into the next season, BUT, you’re still a Super Bowl losing QB and there is something to say for that. 

 That’s more than John Beck can say about himself, isn’t it?  The second round pick is a career backup that obviously knows something about coach Shanahan’s past and is using it as blackmail. Its like Shanahan is having an affair with John Elway and John Freaking Beck is the only one in on it (Actually, can you do a little research and let me know if he is cause maybe I can use that info to get me back in the lineup baby).

But enough about you, let’s get to my BS situation.  Tim Tebow, oh righteous one, is the starting QB for the Denver Broncos. 

That would be all well and good if the guy did a little less praying and a lot more studying of John Fox’s playbook.  Or, hell, how about working on his joke of a throwing arm (he throws the pigskin like it’s a baseball.  Who does he think he is, Nolan Ryan?).

With all of his issues and inefficiencies, can you please explain to me why all the fans of Denver are so infatuated with this guy? It can’t be because of my play?  Or wait, can it?

It isn’t my fault that I short hop, overthrow, and mistake my teams colors sometimes.  I mean damn it to hell, make a play fellas (Knowshon Moreno? HELLO ARE YOU THERE?).

I really need to drown my sorrows.  That only means one thing.  I’m going to head back to Iowa City and drink myself into a stupor like I did a few years ago when you replaced me as a starter in Chicago.  You should join me and we can talk more about how awesome we are and how we should be in lineup! 


Talk to you later,