MannybeinManny is Doing Lines: The Percolator

NFL lines that is…

Every week I read and hear about the different methods both professionals and idiots alike, use to quantify their choices when betting on NFL games.  Of some of the most ridiculous and unfathomable processes, only one ascends the acclivity of the highest Moron Mountain top.  That process is none other than the accurate and extremely persuasive “one million simulated games of Madden 12” .

Being that this is Jock Toast and we enjoy perusing around the finer concourse of dumb ideas, I thought that I would actually push the envelope on this idea.  Who needs a million simulated games?  Hundreds of MIT nerds create this game year in and year out, it has to be accurate, right?

Probably not.  But if you are boneheaded enough to use the data gathered from a video game made for the average American teenager, and 35-year old virgin’s Friday/Saturday entertainment to actually decide how you bet on a PROFESSIONAL, REAL LIFE football game, why not just put all your faith in one simple simulation?

So, with that said, for the remainder of the NFL regular season and postseason, I will be doing just that.  One simulation.  One poorly formulated consultation on where you should place your hard-earned cheddar.  Let’s see how realistic Madden really is.

Note: All lines used in this post came on Tuesday night (11/8) from  These lines will more than likely fluctuate before the Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games as injury reports and other news circulate closer to game day.  Also, each game is played under “Exhibition Settings” with a 15 minute clock and clear weather.  It is also on a PS3, if that matters…

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